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Our physical and occupational therapy services provide treatment to a broad spectrum of chronic and non-injury related diagnoses. We provide a wide range of services to meet our patient’s needs including Aquatics, Manual Therapy, Dry Needling, Kinesiotaping, Pain/Inflammation Relief, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Rehabilitation and all other traditional physical and occupational therapy services.

HealthCARE Express Physical Therapy is home of the WOWZA customer service experience! We opened our Physical Therapy doors in 2014 as a physician owned and locally run establishment. We pride ourselves on operating like a hometown family doctor office, though we have locations in multiple states. We have a passion for serving each community.


    Aquatic Therapy affords patients an opportunity to exercise in a decreased gravity environment to increase the challenge of a workout without increasing the pain and wear on joints. Our therapeutic pool is kept at 92 degrees and includes swim lanes, underwater treadmills, and massage jets.

    Many patients benefit from aquatic therapy, which lets them undergo treatments and perform exercises in water. Aquatic therapy is excellent for physical rehabilitation and provides other therapeutic benefits, as well.

    Our therapeutic pool is designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort and physical benefits to our patients.

  • Occupational Therapy

    Contrary to how its name sounds, occupational therapy is for more than therapy associated with work! Our Occupational Therapy is focused on helping people of all ages do the things they want and need to do in life but are unable to do injury or disability.

    We help our patients live their lives to the fullest by prescribing them daily activities intended to help strengthen their bodies and their ability to do certain tasks. Our main focus is promoting our patients’ health and to prevent (or to help recover from) injury, illness, or disability.   
    At our clinic, we conduct individualized evaluations with our patients to get a grasp on their abilities and to learn what their goals are in seeking occupational therapy. We will create a customized regimen of daily activities for our patients to do on their own and with us in the clinic to help them reach their goals.


    We provide work-related services to assist employers in making sure they hire a physically fit workforce, maintain employee health, and assist employees in returning to work post-injury. We offer six unique services, covering the entire spectrum from a job demand analysis to a functional capacity exam.

    We offer:

    • Job Demand Analysis (On Site)
    • Post-Offer Pre-Employment Testing
    • PT Evaluation and Treatment-Worker’s Compensation Claims
    • Functional Progress Notes
    • Functional Discharge Summary
    • Functional Capacity Exam

  • Brand New Facilities

  • Where We Are

    We are now conveniently located on the right side of the Sportsplex by Healthcare Express!

    Address: 5610 Richmond Rd, Texarkana, TX

    Phone: (903) 791-9355 EXT 2104

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    MON-THU: 8AM - 6PM FRI: 8AM - 5PM

About Us

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Gary Buckley

Dr. Buckley received both his Bachelor’s and Doctorate of Physical Therapy at the University of Central Arkansas. He had clinic rotations at multiple locations across Arkansas and Oklahoma. He performed rotations in hospital owned and privately-owned outpatient clinics, inpatient therapy at Baptist Hospital Little Rock, and inpatient rehab at Little Rock VA.

Dr. Buckley typically performs therapy evaluations for all musculoskeletal and neurological conditions and establishes appropriate treatment plans for patients. He is certified in dry needling and performs electro-dry needling for a variety of diagnoses including: chronic pain, tendonitis/tendinosis, migraines/headaches, and muscle guarding/spasms. He also performs spinal mobilizations for the neck and back to improve joint mobility and decrease pain. Other common procedures include: vestibular rehab for dizziness and impaired balance, sports rehab, pre-op and post-op rehab, pain management, IASTM/scraping techniques, and return-to-work activities. Although he specializes in musculoskeletal disorders, Dr. Buckley has a large skill-set and can see anyone that walks through the door. He works with athletes of all ages and skill-sets to improve their sport of choice and reduce risk of injuries.

Dr. Buckley enjoys working closely with people and helping them heal and get back to living their best life. He wants all his patients to feel that they were listened to and cared for while in therapy. His goal is to help people live their best lives free of pain without becoming reliant on pain meds or surgery. His favorite part of his job is seeing people come into therapy at some of their lowest and most vulnerable points and realizing that they can improve and return to all the things they have been missing out on. The shift in their attitude and spirit is encouraging to him.

When not helping patients, Dr. Buckley likes to spend time with his wife and two kids, play basketball, and go to the lake.

Chad Jennings

Chad Jennings received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Southern Arkansas University then went on to receive his Master of Occupational Therapy from the University of Central Arkansas. He had multiple clinical rotations in various settings around central Arkansas, but his main two were in Eldorado Arkansas Outpatient center and St. Michael’s Rehabilitation Hospital here in Texarkana. 

Chad Jennings specializes in the treatment of upper extremity injuries. Chad typically treats most upper extremity injuries with a large focus on shoulder injuries. There are several modalities associated with treatment of the upper body and upper extremity, and Chad is capable of performing many of them with his patients. He is also certified in setting up and treatment of stroke patients with Saebo devices, such as Saeboflex, Saebostretch, and Saeboglove.  

He chose Occupational Therapy due to the wide variety of environments that OTs can work in and change a person’s life. He not only looks at the dysfunction, but how it affects the person on various levels. He works to improve these impairments or teach compensation techniques to have as much functional return as possible.

When not helping patients, Chad enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing video games. He is the proud father of two girls, ages 12 and 9, and has been married to his lovely wife, Marty, for 15 years. 

Physical Therapy

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